8.4. Creating Tasks

In order to create a new task, you can proceed as follows:

  • Create a task by entering the subject and the due date

  • Use further functions: creating recurring tasks, adding participants and resources, adding attachments, adding details

How to create a new task:

  1. Open a tasks folder in the folder tree.

    Note: Select a folder for which you have the permission to create tasks.

  2. Click on New in the toolbar.

  3. Enter a subject. Enter a description, if needed.

    To view the complete form, click on Expand form. The following optional functions are available.

    • Set the task's start and due date.

    • To get an appointment reminder, select a setting in Reminder. The respective date and time are entered in Reminder date.

      To use custom values, set them in Reminder date. In this case, Manual input will be preselected in the Reminder field.

    • You can use additional functions: Creating recurring tasks, adding participants or groups, adding attachments, adding details.

  4. Click on Create.

How to use further functions on the Create task page:

  1. To view the complete form, click on Expand form.

    In order to create a recurring tasks, enable Repeat. The current repetition parameters are displayed.

    To set the repetition parameters, click on the value. Examples can be found in the questions about appointments and tasks.

    In order to hide the recurrence parameters, click the Close icon. In order to show them again, click on the sentence next to Repeat.

  2. To add other participants, enter the participants' E-Mail addresses, a group's name or a distribution list's name in the input field below Participants.

    Tip: While entering the recipients, matching suggestions are displayed. To accept a suggestion, use one of the following methods:

    • Use the scrollbar to browse the list. Click on a suggestion.

    • Use the cursor keys to select a suggestion. Press Enter.

    In order to remove a participant, click the icon next to the name.

  3. In order to add attachments to the task, click on Add attachments. Select one or multiple files.

    In order to remove an attachment, click the Delete icon .

    Tip: You can also add an attachment by dragging and dropping a document from a file browser or from the desktop to the task window.

  4. In order to add details like billing information, click on Show details. Enter the data required.