First Steps

3.7. Using a Wizard to Set Up Clients and Apps

You can also access your E-Mails or groupware data by using suitable apps and clients on mobile devices and workstations. You can use a wizard in the groupware to install and configure those apps and clients. The wizard includes the following functions:

  • Installing and configuring apps and clients on devices auch as PCs, tablets and smartphones. The supported devices are: Windows, Apple and Android.

  • Installing the Connector for Microsoft Outlook and the Connector for Business Mobility.

  • Installing the local Files app for desktop and mobile devices. This app is downloaded and installed from respective the app store for the device. The local Drive clients synchronize your Files app data with your local workstation or mobile device.

  • Depending on the device, the configuration might also be possible by E-Mail or SMS. Advanced users can display the configuration data for a manual configuration.

Note: Depending on the groupware's configuration, the wizard might not be available. In this case you can manually install clients and apps.

How to use the wizard:

  1. Click the System menu icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click on Connect your device in the menu. The wizard will be launched.

  2. Select your system and the required devices. Follow the instructions.