First Steps

3.3. Customizing the Basic Settings

How to customize the basic settings:

  1. Click the System menu icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click the Settings menu item.

  2. Click on Basic settings in the sidebar.

  3. Change the settings.

The following settings are available.

Note: Depending on the groupware's configuration, some settings might not be available.


Defines the user interface language.


Defines the time zone to which all time-bound entries refer.

Refresh interval

Defines the interval for retrieving new objects from the server.


Defines the color scheme for the user interface.

High contrast theme

Defines whether a high contrast should be used for displaying the current theme.

Default app after sign in

Defines the application that is displayed after login.

Automatic sign out

Specifies whether you are automatically signed out if you have not worked with the groupware for a specific time.

Automatic opening of notification area

Specifies whether the notification are is automatically opened when receiving a new notification or E-Mail.

Show desktop notifications

Defines whether you will receive a desktop notification for new E-Mails.