First Steps

3.6. Manually Downloading and Installing Clients and Apps

You can install the following clients or apps from within the groupware:

  • Updater for MS Windows. The updater informs you about new client versions.

  • Connector for Microsoft Outlook

  • Notifier. Informs you about new E-Mails or appointments.

  • Local Drive clients for MS Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android. The local Drive clients synchronize your Files app data with your local workstation or mobile device.

Note: Depending on the groupware's configuration, some settings might not be available. In this case you can use a wizard to set up clients and apps.

How to install clients for workstations or mobile devices:

  1. Click the System menu icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click the Settings menu item.

  2. In the sidebar, click on Downloads.

  3. In the display area, follow the instructions on downloading the clients.

    Comprehensive installation instructions can be found in the client- or app-specific user guides.