Viewing Files and Folders

9.2.1. Displaying a file's content

You can display various text files, documents or images in the viewer. You can play audio and video files, provided they are in a suitable format.

How to display a file's content:

  1. Open a folder containing files.

  2. In order to select a view for the objects, click on View in the toolbar. Select one of those entries: List, Icons, Tiles.

    In order to display details of a selected file, click on View in the toolbar. Enable File Details. If selecting multiple files by using the checkboxes, details about the last selected file are displayed.

  3. To change the sorting, click on Sort by in the navigation bar. Enable an entry.

    In order to display specific object types only, click on Select in the navigation bar. Enable an entry below Filter.

  4. Use one of the following options to open a file in the Viewer:

    • Double-click on a file in the display area.

    • Select one or several files in the display area. Click the View icon in the toolbar.

    If the sidebar is not displayed, click the View Details icon to view details for the file selected.

    Depending on the file type, different functions can be available:

    • For text files and documents in the Office format, there are editing functions available: Information on editing documents can be found in the Documents user documentation.

    • For presentations, an icon for presenting the presentation is shown.

    • For audio and video files in suitable formats, there are playing functions available.

      Note: The playing options depend from the browser used.

  5. In order to open the previous or next file, click the Back icon or the Next icon next to the view.

    In order to display the file in a new page, click the Pop out icon . For documents in the Office format, there are page navigation functions available:

    • In order to browse page by page or to view a specific page, use the elements above the document.

    • In order to navigate with the help of thumbnail images, activate the Thumbnail tab in the sidebar. Click on a thumbnail image.