9.5. Searching for Files

In order to search for files, you can use the following search criteria:

  • search terms for file names, file descriptions

  • Search terms for a time range. Searches for files that have been created or edited within a specific time frame. You define a valid time range with the following details.

    • The key words today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year

    • The key words for those time intervals: last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days

    • A day of the week, e.g. Monday

    • A specific month, e.g. July

    • A four digit date, e.g. 2015

    • A date, e.g. 1/31/2015

    • A date interval, e.g. 12/1/2014 - 1/31/2015

  • File type: all, audio, documents, images, other, video

  • File size

  • Folder type: all, private, public, shared

How to search for files:

  1. Click the Start search icon or in the input field in the search bar. The folder button indicates the folders to be searched. The Options drop-down offers functions for limiting the search.

    The input field
  2. To select a folder for the search, click on the folder button.

    • If you select All folders, all private, public, and shared folders and subfolders are searched.

    • If you select a specific folder or the folder, only this folder is searched, but no subfolders.

  3. Enter a search term in the input field. The search menu opens.

    The search menu

    Define the data sources to be searched by clicking on an entry in the search menu.

    • If clicking on the search term or pressing enter, the following data sources are searched: file name, description

    • In order to search for files within a specific time frame, use a valid time range as search term. As soon as a valid time range is recognized in your input, the time range is displayed in the search menu. Click on the time frame.

    • In order to only search in the file names, click on in file name in the search menu.

      Accordingly, you can limit the search to the file description.


    • The search results are displayed in the list that is shown in the display area.

  4. You have the following options to adjust the search result:

    • To refine the search result, enter further search terms: To remove a search term, click the icon next to the search term.

    • To search in another folder, click on the folder button. Select a folder.

    • To limit the search to private, public or shared folders, click on Options. Select a folder type.

    • To limit the search to specific files, click on Options. Select a type.

    • To limit the search to files with a specific size, click on Options. Select a file size.

  5. In order to finish the search, click the Cancel search icon.