5.6. Searching for E-Mails

In order to search for specific E-Mails, you can use the following search criteria:

  • search terms for subject, E-Mail text, sender or recipients

  • Search terms for a time range. Searches for E-Mails that you received within the time range. You define a valid time range with the following details.

    • The key words today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year

    • The key words for those time intervals: last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days

    • A day of the week, e.g. Monday

    • A specific month, e.g. July

    • A four digit date, e.g. 2015

    • A date, e.g. 1/31/2015

    • A date interval, e.g. 12/1/2014 - 1/31/2015

  • Folders that are to be searched

How to search for E-Mails:

  1. Click the Start search icon or in the input field in the search bar. The folder button indicates the folders to be searched.

    The input field
  2. To select a folder for the search, click on the folder button.

    • If you select All folders, all folders and subfolders of the internal E-Mail account are searched.

      Note: Depending on the E-Mail server, this function might not be available. In this case, only the current folder will be searched, no subfolders.

    • If you select a specific folder or the folder of an external E-Mail account, only this folder is searched, but no subfolders.

  3. Enter a search term in the input field. The search menu opens.

    The search menu

    Define the data sources to be searched by clicking on an entry in the search menu.

    • If clicking on the search term or pressing enter, the following data sources are searched: sender, recipient, subject, E-Mail text

    • In order to search for E-Mails within a specific time range, use a valid time range as search term. As soon as a valid time range is recognized in your input, the time range is displayed in the search menu. Click on the time frame.

    • In order to only search in the subject, click on in subject.

    • In order to only search in the E-Mail text, click on in mail text.

    • In order to search for senders or recipients matching the search term, click on a name.


    • The search results are displayed in the list that is shown in the display area.

    • For each search result, the folder with the found object is displayed. To finish the search and display the folder content, click on the folder.

  4. You have the following options to adjust the search result:

    • If using a person's name as search term, you can define whether to search for the name in the sender, recipient or in both. To do so, click the icon next to the name.

    • To refine the search result, enter further search terms: To remove a search term, click the icon next to the search term.

    • To search in another folder, click on the folder button.

  5. In order to finish the search, click the Cancel search iconin the input field.