Organizing Data

11.3. Sharing

By sharing E-Mails, address books, calendars, tasks, folders or files with read or edit access, you can co-operate with internal users or external partners. There are the following limitations for sharing objects.

  • In order to share data, you need to have administrator permissions for the respective folder.

  • The global address book can not be shared.

  • E-Mails can only be shared with internal users, not with external partners.

  • Address books, calendars, and tasks can only by shared with external partners with read access, not with edit access.

There are the following options:

  • You can create a public link to share data with read access. You can give this link to other persons.

  • You can invite internal users or external partners to a shared item to share data with specific persons with read or edit access.

  • You can access data shared by other users.

  • You can manage own shares by changing, adding or removing permissions.

  • In the Files app, you can view your shared files and folders in an overview page.