Address Book

6.1. The Address Book Components

The Address Book app includes the following components.

Search bar

Enables you to search for contacts.

Folder tree

Displays the contacts folders


  • My address books. Contains your personal address books.

  • Public address books. Contains address books shared with all users.

  • Shared address books. Contains address books shared with you by other users.

Depending on the groupware configuration, the content can differ from this information.


  • If clicking on a folder its contacts are displayed.

  • The Folder-specific actions icon next to the selected folder offers functions for organizing data and for exchanging data.

  • Buttons in the folder tree offer functions for creating folders.

  • Depending on the groupware's configuration, additional buttons are available below the folders. Those buttons allow to launch a wizard to configure various clients.


Contains the following:

  • New. Creates a new contact or a new distribution list.

    Note: This function is only enabled if you opened an address book for which you have the appropriate permissions to create objects.

  • Send mail. Sends an E-Mail to the contact.

  • Invite. Invites the contact to an appointment.

  • Edit. Edits the contact's data.

  • Delete. Deletes the contacts selected by you.

  • Actions icon . Opens a menu with further functions:


    • Some buttons might not be displayed if you do not have the appropriate permissions.

    • Depending on the address book or the contact's data, some buttons might be sorted differently or might not be available.

  • View. Opens a menu with checkboxes for controlling the view.

    • Folder view. Opens or closes the folder tree.

    • Checkboxes. Displays a checkbox next to each contact in the list. This allows to select multiple contacts to edit them at once.

Navigation bar

Displays the contacts in the list starting with the letter selected.

Display area

Contains the contacts list and a contact's detail view.


Displays the names of the contacts in the opened address book.


  • The following details are displayed for each contact: name, primary E-Mail address.

  • The text above the list contains the name of the selected folder. The number corresponds to the number of objects in the selected folder.


  • To select several contacts, enable the Checkboxes checkbox in the View drop-down in the toolbar.

    You can also use your system's multi selection functions.

    In order to select all contacts in the currently selected folder, enable the Select all checkbox above the list.

  • If clicking on a contact, its data is displayed in the detail view.

Detail view

Shows the data of the contact that you selected in the list.


  • Picture, name, job position, profession

  • Business and private addresses. In the address book settings, you can define whether a map service should be used when clicking on an address.

  • Business and private phone numbers

  • E-Mail addresses. If clicking on an E-Mail address, a page for sending a new E-Mail opens.

The extent of information displayed can vary.

View for creating or editing

This view is used when creating a new contact or editing an existing one.


  • Depending on the groupware configuration, elements that can be either at the top or at the bottom of the screen.

    • Save button. If clicking on this button, the current contact data are saved and the editing page is closed.

    • Discard button. In order to cancel the creation or editing, click on this button.

    • Show all fields checkbox. Per default, only the data fields that are most frequently used are displayed. In order to display all available data fields, enable this checkbox.

  • Personal information input fields. Enter the title, name, birthday, and additional personal data.

    If you enable the checkbox Display all fields on top of the page, additional elements are displayed.

    • Input fields for the middle name, name extension, url.

    • This contact is private checkbox. If the contact is not to be displayed when its folder is being shared, enable this checkbox.

  • Job description input fields. Enter the contact's business data in those fields.

    If you enable the checkbox Display all fields, additional input fields are displayed.

  • Input fields Messaging, Phone and fax numbers. Enter E-Mail addresses, other messaging addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers in those fields.

    If you enable the checkbox Display all fields, additional input fields are displayed.

  • Home address input fields. Enter the contact's private address in those fields.

    If you enable the checkbox Display all fields, the input fields Business address and Additional address are displayed.

  • Comments input field. Use this field to enter information.

  • If you enable the checkbox Display all fields, additional data fields for individual entries are displayed below Custom fields.

  • Add attachments button below Attachments. Click on this button to attach one or several files to the contact data.