Address Book

6.6. Creating distribution lists

A distribution list allows you to simultaneously send an E-Mail to multiple recipients by entering the distribution list in the E-Mail's recipients field. In order to create a new distribution list, enter a name in the Create distribution list page and add contacts.

How to create a new distribution list:

  1. Open an address book in the folder tree.

    Note: Open an address book for which you have the appropriate permissions to create objects.

  2. Click on New in the toolbar. Click on Add distribution list.

  3. Enter a name for the distribution list in the Name field.

  4. Enter a participant's E-Mail address in the Participants field.

    Tip: While entering the E-Mail address, several matching suggestions are displayed. To accept a suggestion, use one of the following methods:

    • Use the scrollbar to browse the list. Click on a suggestion.

    • Use the cursor keys to select a suggestion. Press Enter.

    In order to add further contacts, repeat this step. In order to remove a contact, click next to the contact.

  5. Click on Create list.