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1.4. Terminology

This documentation uses the following terms.

1&1 Webmail

The software described in this documentation. Groupware is used as a synonym in the documentation.


An application is a component that provides certain functions. Example: With the E-Mail application you can send, receive and organize E-Mails.


Objects are created and organized by the user. Examples: E-Mails, contacts, appointments, tasks, documents, files, folders


An action performed by the user. Example: sending an E-Mail, deleting an appointment.

User interface

This refers to the groupware user interface. The user interface consists of individual elements.


Elements of the user interface. Example: windows, labels, buttons.

System windows

Dialogue windows that offer certain operating system functions. Examples of functions are: printing, opening an E-Mail attachment, selecting a file. Depending on the operating system on your local machine the look of the system windows may vary.


A person working with the groupware. Each user has a username and a password. All groupware users make up the internal users group.

Global address book

Contains the contact data for all internal users. The users can edit their own personal data in the global address book.


A user invited to an appointment or task.


In case you frequently want to add the same persons to appointments or tasks, you can create a group consisting of those persons. You can then add the group as participant instead of adding single persons.


Other than participant conflicts, resource conflicts can not be ignored when creating appointments. If creating appointments, resources that are already booked for other appointments can not be added.

Distribution list

If frequently sending E-Mails to the same persons, you can add those persons to a distribution list. You can then use the distribution list as recipient instead of adding single persons as recipients.

External participant

A person that is not a user but that participates in an appointment or task.

Internal E-Mail account

Your Groupware E-Mail account You will automatically get this account. You can not delete this account.

External E-Mail account

An E-Mail account that you have set up with another provider e.g., a Google E-Mail account. You can access external E-Mail accounts from within the groupware.

E-Mail thread

An E-Mail thread is an E-Mail conversation and a running list of all the subsequent replies pertaining to the original E-Mail. All E-Mails in an E-Mail thread have the same subject. The current E-Mail corresponds to the last reply.